Classic Car Purchase
We offer this service to help you choose the right vehicle for your needs. When considering a classic car it is always important to get the vehicle that serves your purpose best. You may want a particular make and model, you might want help deciding what to buy either way we can help you decide.

If you have located a vehicle and want a pre-purchase inspection carrying out we can arrange it.

We will also locate and inspect vehicles for you making the purchase process more enjoyable and stress free.


Choosing a Classic Car for everyday use
With technology advancing so much in the last two decades certain vehicles made in the 70’s and 80’s are well worth considering for use not just as a classic but also as an everyday car.

Depending on your budget we can direct you towards the right vehicle for your enjoyment and reliability. Some of the vehicles for consideration may not be today’s classic but you can be assured they will be tomorrows!

Don’t forget buying the right car at the right price is not only enjoyable it could also be an investment – although it cannot always be guaranteed.

Gasoline Alley Limited will also undertake project management contracts for restoration work.

Please Call for full details.